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    0241银河M. Dufresne was quite as ready to assist him as had been his other informants, but he could tell him nothing the detective did not already know. He repeated his statement to Lefarge almost word for word. He was sure M. Boirac had telephoned about 2.30 on the Tuesday—he unmistakably recognised his voice, and he was equally certain of the date.


    ‘I don’t think I can tell you much about him, but any questions you ask I’ll try to answer.’
    An expression of surprise passed over the girl’s face.
    Calais dep. 3.45 p.m.


    1.‘But that is just the difficulty,’ returned Lefarge. ‘It’s not so false as you seem to imagine. The description of the conversation about the lottery and your arrangement with Felix to purchase bonds is, by your own admission, true.’
    2.Another idea entered the Inspector’s mind. He had, perhaps, been thinking too much of the £988, and too little of the woman’s hand. Suppose there really was a corpse in the cask. What then?
    3.‘Is that an old machine? Pardon my questions, but have you had it long?’
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